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      Hey folks.

      My name is Andrew and I live in Hamilton, Ontario.

      Basically I’ve got the old car disease.. I’m mainly affected by 1958-1973 Imported cars.. However, there are exceptions.

      The car I like the most under the Rootes banner is the Imp.

      My unexpandable garage gives me around 166" from the end of my modest work area to the garage door. So I don’t have acres of space. Combine that with a general indifference to FWD cars and there’s a pretty limited amount of vehicles left.

      I’m picking up an NSU 1000 (looks like a tt or tts) in about a month.. but that could have as easily been a Simca 1000 or an Imp or Imp derivative.



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      Welcome Andrew!
      Could you post some photos of your NSU when you get it? It really does look like an Imp.

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      Sure I can post some pictures. I have some now.. but looks like I will have ot host them somewhere first. It’s in pretty good shape for a North Eastern car.. that means It’s got about a years worth of welding to be done 😉

      But it fits most of my crazy criterea and most importantly the budget (and yes I’m all to aware of the false economies of buying a rusty car and fixing it versus buying a slightly more expensive, non rusty car).

      They do look a lot like Imps, but more like shrunken first generation Corvairs.. just stumpier 😉 Personally, I think the Imp looks better and I like the functionality of that rear window.. or at least I think I’d like the functionality of that, pretty cool!

      The NSU has a longer wheel base (plus in my books) and I believe more readily available parts..

      But I haven’t lived with either, so I’m no expert.

      I almost ended up with a great local Imp, but my financing fell through.

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      It is easy to post photos here now-
      Now you can add photos from your PC right to this forum without using a 3rd party photo hosting site like Photobucket.
      Look under the subject block when you are replying to a message or when you are creating a new message and there is a section near the options tab labeled upload attachments-click on the tab, click on browse, find the photo on your PC and then click Add the file.
      Post away! Eric

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      Maybe my account needs to be upgraded, because it ain’t there 😉

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      Welcome Andrew. You are a craigslist addict too, huh?

      Congrats on the NSU purchase. They’re fun little cars. There’s one that always shows up at the Carlisle Import show, and hangs out with the micro-car group. Fiat 850, Simca 1000, the Imp, the NSU 1000, and even the Russian ZAZ look very much alike. I think they were all spying on one another while these models were designed.

      Maybe someday you’ll be able to have an Imp. You’re across the lakes from a fellow in Thunder Bay who is restoring an Imp. Parts aren’t all that scarce for the Imp family of cars, they’re mostly in the UK though.

      (Right now the TEAE forum offers photo hosting to TEAE club members who have entered their membership number on their profile. We’re overhauling the website and need to be harddrive space conscience till we’re done.)
      I use my photobucket account anyway, its easier to keep all my photos in one place.

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