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      Hi all,
      This Mk.IA Tiger, Dad’s Tiger, has been in the family since 1970. It’s a survivor, with the major change being a lacquer repaint soon after purchase "from a little old lady" in a ritzy part of Pittsburgh. Not perfect by any stretch, but it has never been subjected to the PA salty roads. There’s 43K on the clock, it gets sunlight only on special occasions (not nearly as many as I’d like!), and will probably never be restored as long as it stays here.
      Darned thing is just too cool, and makes the best music without the radio on!

      Looking forward to learning from the group!

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      Welcome aboard!

      I seem to recall another "recent" arrival on here from Pittsburgh (altho not sure how recent 🙁 ), did you "look around" on the forum much?

      Car looks great, hope to see it "in person" sometime. What color is that?
      We’ll most likely "drive right past you" on the PA Tpke in August on our way to the United in Dayton… maybe we’ll see you there 😀 … if not before.

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      OK, I did find it with the "search feature"… here’s the thread mentioned above:

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      Thank you.
      Dad called it Cadillac Firemist Green, don’t know if that what it really is though.
      He HATED the original BRG, which is still visible on the cowl and inner fenders.

      The first pic was from Shultz Ford’s show a few years ago, right @ exit 48 Allegheny Valley of the ‘pike.
      Car lives not too far from there.
      And yes, I’d consider Dayton do-able. I’ll have to read more about it, as I have family near there.

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      I thought that I wanted a red car when we were looking for a Tiger, but over the years decided that the "Forest Green" was just right for a British roadster for me.
      Your green looks (in the photo) like it has metallic, sorta close to what Tiger Tom had on his tow-Tiger maybe? Very pretty.

      Have you been a TE/AE member long? The United is the Club’s "main event" for the year, some other clubs call it a convention… not sure what you may or may not know. They are a LOT of fun.
      There is info about past Uniteds here on the forum. You can also watch for other events in that "events" section.
      The Rootes Review typically has write-ups, you can look back in the members-only section of the forum to see "back issues" if you wanted.
      Let me know if you want more info/guidance/suggestions/etc.

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      Yes, there’s fine metallic in it. Dad liked colors like this to show curves better, and I think he chose a nice one, too.

      I just kinda stumbled on the site. Have known about it for years, but don’t really look too much for Tiger stuff since this one really never needed anything much. I submitted the VIN to (what I thought was) Norm’s site back when the internet was in its infancy, but never heard from anybody or saw reference to it anywhere.

      There’s a few things that have been changed over the years that I’d like to change back, such as the distributor and carb/intake. I put an ’68 iron 4V on it back in the mid ’80’s, along with several F4B’s squirreled away on a shelf, but the original has been (presumably) lost to time. If it is alive, it would be located in a family members garage that I no longer have access to (long story). Dizzy may even be there, I don’t know.

      I’m pretty certain that even the plugs and wires are stock original…

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