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      Hi all:

      I just got a new set of headers from SS. Do any of you have any preferences with regard to hot coatings? Jet-Hot? HPC, Inc.? others?

      Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

      from sunny South Dakota,


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      Paul – I just got mine in from SS yesterday! I can’t wait to get them on the car… 😀

      After doing ALOT of research this morning it seems that most people – at least on the different forums that I was scrounging around for information on, seem to prefer the Jet-Hot.

      I sent them an estimate form & will keep you posted when their price comes back.


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      Paul – Here’s a portion of what Jet-Hot sent me:

      We’d charge $279 to coat your headers in the Sterling finish. Add $20
      for the flat black, blue or grey finish. We’ll need them here for 5 days
      plus shipping time back. If the parts are chrome or nickel plated, add
      $40 to the total and 2 days for stripping. Return shipping would be
      about $34. I will send you our full information package to get you all
      the coating benefits in greater detail.

      Please review all your options. If you inform us NOW that
      you intend to work with us when you are ready, we will give you a 10%
      from the quoted price.

      All parts receive a 3 year unlimited guarantee that covers chipping,
      peeling, cracking, discoloration, rusting. New parts also get a
      lifetime rust-through warranty as well.

      JET-HOT uses expensive aluminum oxide to clean components. We don’t
      use sand like others.
      . JET-HOT applies two exterior coatings and two interior coatings and
      not just one layer as everyone else does.
      . JET-HOT has the most brilliant appearance of any coating, not just an
      ok or so-so look.
      . JET-HOT will work with you to help you achieve your objectives and
      will gladly provide you with technical know how at no additional cost.
      . JET-HOT has the most cost effective pricing and there are no hidden

      Their prices are in-line with everyone else out there offering ceramic coatings. ( internal/external)

      I’d have to say even though it’s a little bit of an investment initially – the gained benefits such as better heat retention & the added longevity of your headers make it a worthy one…

      Does anyone else have any input on this type of product / application or any other type coatings that work well?

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      Thanks for the Jet-Hot pricing information. They appear to be in line with other providers. I got the following from HPC


      Thank you for your interest in HPC.

      We would be happy to coat your headers for you. Pricing to coat your headers inside and out, with our HiPerCoat in the Polished Aluminum finish, would vary between $115 and $175, depending on the style of header. "

      And the following from Performance Coatings, Inc.

      "Block hugger size are $170.00, Tri-Y style are $220.00 and long tubes are $255.00.

      HPC requested a photo in order to be more accurate. I’ll let y’all know what he comes back with.


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