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      I just left a post on the modified section asking questions about Edelbrocks F4B manifold. If yo have a chance please check that out as I need help. For this section I ask the question, what are people doing to replace their Tiger’s heater core. I don’t want to clean and use a 40year old core. Does anyone make a replacement. I could make a by-pass section, but I would like to have the heater operational. Thanks for your assistance.

      Hap & Patti Hazard

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        There are a few on ebay at the moment, one NOS.. you can also have them tested or re-cored.

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        Thanks for the response. I didn’t see the NOS heater core on e-bay when I checked. Do you have a name for a shop or company that has and does the heater re-core. I live in a very rural area of Calif. and don’t have a lot of service near by.

        Thanks again


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        Check with Doug Jennings of Tiger Auto. He has a source for these. I’m not sure if his shop recores or builds new ones. He replaced the heater core in my Mk1a and it worked great!

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        Thank you for the name of a shop. Do you have a phone #, location, or someway to make contact? I appreciate your response, I saw a lot of folks looked at this question, but no one provided any follow-up. I guessing that a lot of people are looking for the answer for which only a few have one.

        Winter is now on me. So I have time to make the repair correctly.

        Thanks again,

        Hap & Patti

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        Doug Jennings
        Tiger Auto Service
        425 Blue Bell Rd.
        Dayton, Ohio 45431

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        Thanks so much for the infor. I’ll follow-up and keep you posted.

        Hap & Patti

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