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      When I put my car back together in 2004/2005 I never bothered with the heater. I threw some juice to the motor, it didn’t do anything and I said the heck with it and have rarely missed it here in Florida. Now, my wife seems to think she needs heat before she will go to a show with me early in the morning. I just dug through my boxes of parts and could not locate the cable that runs to the heater control valve. SS aparently does not sell it. Is an old choke cable my only option? I have the dash out doing some other work and now is the time if I am going to do it. Otherwise, I won’t see my wife at a show until June.

      BTW, a friend who runs a local garage told me that one of the Tigers soid at Mecums (I think the 427, six speed job) is now living here in Jacksonville and belongs to a guy with a large collection. Hopefully, I will see it at a local show this spring.

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      Hi Bud
      Do you have the lever assembly for the dash and all you need is the cable? Email me your address and I will send you a cable-or you can pick it up in person at our show here on March 31st! Do you need anything else? I just got a S5 parts car………..Eric

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      Thanks, Eric. Yes, all I am missing is the cable and it may be here somewhere but….

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        SS now has the cables. he had them reproduced and they are identical to originals. he does sell them as a set. i bought a set a couple weeks ago.

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