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      I want to replace the sealed-beam lights on my RHD, Mk-1 Tiger (don’t know how old they are, but they say “LUCAS” and put out a sort of faded white light) with something brighter. I notice that many replacement 7″ halogen lights seem to pull about 10 watts more than the original lights. Given all those “electrical rules”, E=IR, etc., does this have any implications in terms of the wire gage, that I’m running a generator, and/or fuses blowing? I’d like to install something that looks “european”, so, short of spending the money for Lucas tripods, any recommendations?

      Finally, I’d like to add fog lights and see that there are Lucas reproductions available. Any recommendations as to mounting and wiring them into the harness, etc. ? Also, same questions as above as to possibly overloading the system.
      Tom Longworth

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      To protect your switches, I would certainly add a relays in order not to have all juice go through the switch contacts. For the same reason I favor a horn relays, and a relays for the foglights. Adding seperate fuses for these functions might also be prudent. Roberrt

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        the factory had special fog lights, they have “rootes” in the centre of them. There are both fog and spot versions of them. They were made by Lumax in the UK. The early alpines ran the same lamps with Lumax in the centre. These lamps sell for around $US200+ secondhand.

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