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      I’d like to find a set of round (with no "peak" or "hood" on the upper part) headlight trim rings for my Mark 1A Tiger. I think the look of these is just cleaner, although probably not correct and they sort of changes the face of the Tiger. Does anyone know where I could find a set of these? Also, does anyone know which British cars may have shared headlight trim rings that would fit on the Tiger? Thanks for any info!

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      The MKII style rims are unique to Rootes cars. They were on a few late 50’s hillmans and singers. They reapeared on the late SV alpines and MKII Tigers. They are quite rare and VERY expensive.

      As for other cars, despite being a lucas parts they are not cross referenced to toher makes. You can fit plain orund lucas rims onto a sunbeam, but you have the peak in the bodyword showing behind.

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      I have a pair to sell. Not NOS but damn near perfect.
      Not cheap either 🙂
      send a note and your email address if interested.
      a ballard @ ix. netcom. com

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