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      The little clips on the headlight buckets where the headlight trim rings screw in have both broken on my car. I was wondering if there is any way around this problem short of replacing the entire headlight bucket units. Can these clips be replaced? If not, does anyone have a set of headlight buckets to sell? Thanks.

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      Sunbeam Specialties, part EL52D, page 15 of the catalog. You might also consider new gaskets if the current ones appear old and brittle, part EL53, since you’ll probably have to take the headlamp bucket partially to completely free to reach the tabs to bend them over and keep the clip from coming off.

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      Thanks for sharing that info Mike! We missed you at the Invasion-see you at the United?? Eric

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      Thanks for the information! I never imagined these would be available new. I ordered a set already. Cheers!

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      RYea, sorry I missed it Eric, but I had to work last weekend to prepare for a system install this weekend. As for United, right now it looks like I’ll miss it as well. That’s my fall release weekend and until I know what I’ll need to do I have to assume no.

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