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      Are there any figures as to what the effects are (BHP, torqe) of fitting tubular exhaust headers to the Tiger engine? As the engine bay is very tight, it would seem that there is little advantage, as the headers I have seen have just as tight a radius on the outlets as the stock manifold.

      If I buy a set, is there anything in particular I should look for?

      Presumably the stock link pipes will not fit headers so will I need new ones? Do they interfere with any other components (starter, oil filter etc)?

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        I am thinking they are worth 20bhp at least.. but the best part is the sound and the look… downside.. my gosh they are a tight fit, will interfere with aftermarket oil filters and make the motor more of a pain to work on

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        As far as the interference to oil filter adapters goes – just make sure you get the right style of header and you’ll have lots of clearance. Get the vendor of the headers to send you a picture of their headers installed on a Tiger, so you can see how the #5 tube is routed.

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        Jeff Nichols

          All the header tests I have read add HP to the upper band of the rev range. So for everyday driving, you may not notice a difference.

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