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      I would like to use shorty headers on my mk1 260. A friend had a set of Hedman {part #88400} shorties for a 67 mustang 289. I tested fitted them with mounts and brackets instaled with engine on a stand. Everything looks ok except # 2 runner interfers with the bracket slightly. I don’t expect it to be a problem- a bit dimpling of the runner and grinding of the bracket should resolve the interference, however I wonder if anyone has done this instalation and whether any unforseen problems came up when final instalation was done.
      Thanks Wes

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      I think the clearance problem will be with the inner fenders/frame rail. Headers made to fit Tigers fit pretty tightly close to the engine. Maybe yours are like that.

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      I seem to recall Barry Schonberger (some where) referencing J Biddle high port headers for Trick Flow heads. JBA makes alot of shortie headers for Mustangs. Check them out, otherwise CAT club or SS long tubes are the other options.

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