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      Recently I have had facts we all “knew” shot full of holes. There is a series on MotorTrend called “Engine Masters.”
      In episode 4 they “adjust” headers Like many of us have done in order to fit them into a car. On the Dyno this did not negatively affect the horsepower in fact during a major readjustment it improved output.

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      In episode 43 they ran hot then cool coolant in a test engine. I know most Tiger owners are running 160 degree thermostats, but in the 80s we just knew we made better power by keeping the engine warm. My Tiger now has had its 190 thermostat removed and replaced with 160

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      I have had 2 sets of headers on my car, one set came on it and a replacement set I put on, both I believe are from SS. The #3 and #7 tubes hang low and scrape the ground all the time, I will saw my car is slightly lowered by about an inch..I believe the CAT design has the two lower tubes parallel to the ground and side by side thus tucked up a little better, this is info I got from the TIGER LIST. At present CAT doesn’t have these in stock.. I have had my stock manifolds jet coated and am thinking of installing them and forgetting the headers all together. I run stock exhaust so I’m probably only loosing a couple horses anyway.

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      Paul and Mary Freen

        Are these the headers you are talking about? These are from SS.

        I don’t really see a tube below the collector. Maybe a bit, but not much.

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        yes those look like what I have seen before but I have been told by more than on course that those were CAT units, an who knows, possibly different production runs have different layouts.

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        Paul and Mary Freen

          I bought them from SS a couple of years ago. Maybe they have different suppliers.

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          two days ago when I saw the pix of the headers I couldn’t get the pix to enlarge, today it enlarge and a closer look does show the #3 & #7 hanging lower, I’ll try to find a pix of the ones I have seen that have very different law out and the two bottom tubes are parallel to the ground and side by side

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          pix of the headers I am interested in, notice how flat the bottom two tubes are.

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          sorry couldn’t up load pix

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