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      Todd Smith

        Hello everyone,

        I am putting some headers on my Series 3 this Friday. I just got them in from Sunbeam Specialties and they are bare metal stainless. I am going to have them coated on Thursday and would like to know what the original color was on them. I have seen a lot of silver and a handful of black. Anyone know for sure what color they should have been?



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        Bob and Jean Webb

          the exhaust was not painted . the originals were bare metal on my car . if you have stainless, take 0000 steel wool, polish and put them on . i did send the down pipes for my 69 ( mild steel, not stainless) to jet hot and had a silver coating applied .

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            Ceramic coating the headers really is worthwhile on the alpines. The intake manifold sits right above the headers and the mounting faces touch.. the reduction in heat transfer from one face to the other, and the reduction in heat rising to the carbs and underside of the intake will really help the car run better.

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