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      The four wire ribs that secure the headliner are color coded, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.
      What is the proper order of installation, starting from the front , when installing the headliner. I know they go in only one way, but I need the right order.

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      I don’t recall the exact order by color but, if you stand them on end you’ll notice they’re not the same length. And if you measure the inside of the hardtop you’ll find that the width isn’t the same from front to back. So place the longest at the widest spot and work to the shortest at the narrow end. Note the difference is huge, but it does exist.

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      I pulled out an original headliner with the bows still in it, all rolled up just as I bought it years ago and the bows are from front to rear, blue — green — red — yellow. I have never had them in a hardtop to check them to be correct but hopefully they are. Good luck, Chris.

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