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        I will try this again in the right forum, does anybody know what a fiberglass hard top is worth its exactly like the original steel top in every way parts interchange, its in very good condition you could sit it on a daily driver and drive away. It came with my 67 sunbeam if no one knows is there someone I could contact that would.

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        Throw it on Ebay with a $500 reserve and see what happens. Are you sure it is fiberglass? The only fiberglass tops I have seen are Parrish Plastics tops and they look more like a Series 1 or 2 Alpine top. Post a photo or two and you will probably get more meaningful feedback.

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          It is definitely fiberglass I can pick it up and move it around myself, its not the early alpine plastic top, this has the tilt out 1/4 windows stainless drip rails original style headliner and chrome hold down clamps it fits on my 67 tiger just as the factory top would.

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          You had your question also under “modified”!
          My answer was: If I remember wasn’t that from Parish Plastics? They are worth considerably less than the oem. I sold some and my guess is now $150-$250.
          It looks more like an early Thunderbird top w/o the opera windows.

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            Thanks for your replies, I will try this one more time the top I have dose not look like a after market plastic top with goofy proportions that do not go with the car and it dose not resemble a T-bird hardtop, visualize a 64-67 factory sunbeam tiger steel hardtop only fiberglass exactly the same in every way, the only way you know its fiberglass is by tapping it with your finger.

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            I have seen tops like yours available in England a few years ago. They are a very close copy of the original top and in no way like the Parrish Plastics tops. I tried to buy one myself in England but shipping costs changed my mind! eBay is the best way to sell it but then packing one up and shipping it to the new buyer will not be much fun…..Eric

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