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      I finally finished restoring my hard top and painting it white to match my car but I am having problems fitting it on the trunk hinges it doesn’t seem to line up. has anyone had this problem, note that the car was taken completely apart and the trunk was off of the car and lines up perfectly.



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      Jim-is there any chance the trunk hinges were swapped and put back on the opposite sides? They are handed and the mounting holes for the hardtop rear pins may not line up…..Eric

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      Phil Ashmore

        I have the same problem with my hard top. The pins line up but sit too high to go in the holes. I think all the new repro rubber seals might be the problem. I just unscrewed the pins ,and went just with the front and side latches for now.

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        It took me quire a while to fit my hard top. At first the rear pins were too high, and would not locate, but after a few retires they went in OK. There just seems to be a knack to doing it.

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        Yes the problem was the new rubber I aligned the hinges with the windsheild end of the hard top tilted this made it easier to align the trunk and the top

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