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      I had my new exhaust system installed yesterday and it sounds awesome. It uses four glass packs with louvered walls inside as opposed to the ones that just utilize round holes. One goes inside the X and the second goes at the rear on each side. Very mellow at idle and low RPMs but sounds off when you put the go juice to it. None of that blat blat glass pack sound. Topped it off with 2″ stainless tips and the complete package is very rewarding. The shop that did the work was excellent and took their time to get it hung just right. It still sounds like a Tiger, but one that may be a little hungry.

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      I just recently got a new 2in exhaust, and it sounds great too. I think i need new glass packs though. Do they go bad? They are about 20 years old i would estimate. But sat for about 15 years.

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