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      The latest Rootes Review is excellent! Good mix of people stories (RIP Fred), member spotlight, new projects, tech tips and foreign travel along with some obscure Rootes history. Thanks to all who helped and have a Happy New Years. Eric

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      Agreed!! 🙂

      I was also very sorry to read about Fred, we had no idea that he had health issues.

      Super Job by Gary of documenting his "head gasket repair" 🙄 That is a lot of writing, and well done.
      The Rootes history article will be very interesting… as I sort of came in thru the Ford/Shelby door, I had never really looked much into the early stuff.
      I am very much looking forward to the "Member Spotlight" feature, as we [in most cases] know next to nothing about the other members except what kind of Sunbeam they show up in… hopefully this will be an interesting and long-running section.

      Happy New Year to all!

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