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      “Works Wonders” by Graham Rood. From the list I got this info, however Barnes&Noble syas “out of stock” .
      Are there more people interested in ordering this book? Maybe we should pool together and have a quantity shipped to thew USA?

      Peter Shimmell []
      Being the publisher of “THE WORKS TIGERS”, we are pleased to announce that the book is available from BARNES & NOBLE online at $107.96US. This will now help with the shipping issues being incurred by sending them direct from the UK. Is it possible for you to produce a short “Press Release” over your site. The book is being reviewed by HEMMINGS in the near future which I think will be interesting. There have been reviews here in the UK, which have been posertive indeed.
      Mercian Manuals Ltd

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      If we could get a better price I am intrested in getting a copy, put me down for one . Hope there are more takers this looks like a neat book!

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      It is a neat book. Very comprehensive in my view, telling and showing a wealth of information I had no idea existed. It is a great reference book from what I can tell, and sits next to my copy of the BON.

      It would not surprise me if this book ended up like the Book of Norman with respect to value and availability.

      Got my copy for Christmas, so it didn’t cost me more than a diamond bracelet in return. Hahahaha

      Fred Baum

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      Just received this book yesterday. It looks great!
      And I did NOT pay $149.95 or so, as I read on mosy sites.

      I went to http://www.ABEBOOKS.COM which found it at:

      Collectors Car Books
      2210 Silverstone Technology Park
      Silverstone Circuit Silverstone Northamptonshire, NTH
      United Kingdom, NN12 8TN
      email: Chris Knapman

      and delivered from England for $97.75, AND delivered in 10 days!


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      Thanks Robert,

      I just ordered one. I can see these become another BON in the future.

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