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      I am attempting to recover the small vinyl piece that runs across the bottom of the dash. I am looking for a glue that will allow time for adjustments before setting up, and then hold and not breakdown in heat & sunlight. Does anybody have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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      The same topic came up on the SAOCA board. Here was the question:

      What’s a good brand-name contact cement for a dash pad install?

      Here was the response, from an expert.

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      You sent a PM asking about this and it slipped my mind..Sorry.
      What you need to ask for is what they call “High Temp” sprayable contact cement. I purchase my supplies from here: … ode=MS2100
      If it doesn’t say for High Temperture use, the glue will release the bond in the hot sun….Trust me on this.

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      Hi Todd,
      Try 3M’s Hi-Strength 90 spray adhesive. It is getting harder to find it as Home Depot has phased it out to rationalize down to faster movers like Spray 77. Do not buy other than 90 for vinyl. The first time I used it was to stick vinyl material to the dash of my Alpine in 1992. It has not moved or bubbled up. Back then the label used to say that it was a true contact cement (neoprene I think) with anti-plasticizing feature (long-term softening up from vinyl grease) topical of true contact adhesives.

      Over here High Strength 90 is available at other big box stores at decent prices. The local NAPA (UAP in Canada) also can get it, but paying full list 3M prices is almost insulting. At UAP, a quart of 3M compound is $68 plus 15% taxes! I don’t mind paying for good stuff but I draw the line somewhere. I digress. Spray 90 is an amazing product. Sorry for my delayed reply; I just started upholstering the green car.

      Cheers, Gilles

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