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      I didn’t realize there was an east coast Tiger/Alpine club here in North Carolina. I am now a proud member. My first British car was a 63 Alpine which I literally wore out. I loved that car and always lusted after the 67 Mark V version. Coudn’t afford it back in those days.
      I went through a whole slew of other marques and finally restored a 55 Morgan Pus 4 which I owned for 20 years. Cicumstances being what they are, I recently sold that love of my life and decided to look around for an Alpine project. I wound up with a 67 mark V which is nearly if not totally a lost cause. After all these years and experience with British cars you’d think I would know better.
      I’m on the prowl again, looking for a better specimen. I look forward to co-responding with club members

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      Hi Dale-Welcome aboard! There are quite a few Sunbeams around the Carolinas and we get together at many of the shows. I hope you can make it to the Columbia, SC British car show this Sept. 12th as we expect 20+ Sunbeams here. Then this coming May there will be a Sunbeam Invasion near Asheville, NC. It was good talking to you the other day. Eric

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      Welcome to the group. Thanks for sharing your story with us. There are Alpines that show up every once in a while, and there’s a good chance you’ll find an acceptable specimen.

      You’ll find our group is very helpful, we’re like a big family.
      Keep your eyes on the For Sale section.

      Best Regards,

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