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      Hello, I have had my Series V since 1991. I commuted in it and drove it locally for 16 years. I took it off the road in 2008 and stored it in my garage. I had a family and life interfered. I have decided to get it back together and get it back on the road. I may have questions as I go through the process and any help would be appreciated. … t=3&page=1

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      Its always nice to have a complete car to work on. It looks pretty good to start with. Are you looking at a full on restoration, or a functional and aesthetic refresh?

      What major city are you near?

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      It is fairly complete. I think it is going to be a functional & aesthetic refresh. There are things such as the grill that have been incorrect since I bought the car and I have a really nice grill but I never changed it. I am on Long Island about 45 minutes from NYC.

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