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      Got to much time on my hands running a crane in ND once we setup we set around to 12 a day for about three days.
      Got to looking at a site called speed hut that sells gauges looks like they are pretty close to the stock ones.
      The speedometer is GPS so after I don’t know how many years I will have a 160 MPH speedo. The tack is a 8000 rpm with a shift light built in, going to get the water temp gauge and also the boost gauge.
      Pricing looks like around 600.00 its almost worth that me for just the speedometer 🙂

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        I’m having a set of custom gauges made that will be an exact match to the original ‘look’ … Tach is 8k and will work on 4/6/8 cyl. and the speedo is electronic. It can be run by GPS or a trans mounted sender… It also has a ‘drive one mile’ instant calibration feature. The pointers will be original Jaeger so will match also.. If they work out, I will make more available…

        Here’s a ‘rough’ pic of the final artwork for them…

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        Thanks for the reply, would like to see the finished product

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          I’ll post a pic when I get ’em… should be by the end of the month… These are a different manufacturer but I’ve made several 8k ‘original look’ tachs from Autometers and I’m running one in my car at the moment…


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          Jerry. were using the Speed Hut guages in the Tiger we just did we bought a GT40 kit which included a 200 mph GPS Speedo,8K Tach ,water,oil temp fuel volt,oil pressure for 720 delivered these guys are great to deal with we had problems with the Tach, they sent us a filter to correct the problem (unstable )
          we also had problems with their temp sensors they sent several ,til I decided they wern’t long enough to see fluid i corrected the problem my self with placement and relayed the info to them all in all your dealing with great people, and as noted elswhere here they have a lot of stuff to choose from custom
          an or!
          See you in Joliet.


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          Thanks from the info glad to see someone else using speed hut gauges they really look good and pricing seems reasonable.
          Looking forward to Joliet see ya there 🙂

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          It’s running!!!! 😀
          No, I haven’t pulled the thermostat yet to see it that will cool it down (yet.)
          I did add Lucas coolant treatment which definitely helped while running down the road.
          She doesn’t like to sit still for very long. She gets really hot when she is angry.

          As far as gauges go, I spent more than that getting the original ones restored!

          P.S. Lance wouldn’t let me pull the thermostat; "DAD!!!!! We just got her back. Don’t mess with it!"

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