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      Gateway Classic Cars has opened up a new location within a few miles of us in South NJ – just across the river from Philly.
      They had some sort of open house / car show this morning, and I took a ride to check it out. They have a 63,000 square foot space with tons of gorgeous cars. Included today are this freshly restored early Mk 1a Tiger along with a "modded" Alpine (VW VR6-powered).

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      I wonder what they used for a gearbox on the VW mod?

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      ^^^ Here are a couple of other pix. The windshield sign says "Toyota 5-speed".
      I did not care for the hood 🙁

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      Interesting… "The original 6 cylinder engine has been removed"

      Also, last time I checked, West Deptford was still in NJ. Nobody wants to admit they’re located in NJ, including the Giants and the Jets.

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      Yeah, well, "caveat emptor" I guess? Plus there is the whole "Get Smart" error.

      FWIW – this location in West Deptford is about 3 miles ("as the crow flies") from the PHL airport, and about the same distance from National Park NJ -where the National Weather Service measures the official snowfall (any maybe rainfall as well?) at the "Philadelphia Airport", so it may be more Phila than some areas of Phila?? 🙄
      Plus, back in the CB Radio heydays, this side of the river was known as "the clean side" :mrgreen: … so i’d rather be over here!


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      Here is one in their Denver showroom.

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      hmmm ^^^ The "resale red" is a LOT less $$ vs the NJ one that is freshly restored.

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      An Alpine was also used in the original Get Smart series for when they wanted to have cool gadgets on the car. More space for mounting those things.


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