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      I have an Alpine Series V with the dual Stromberg 150CD carburetors. There is a white plastic "T" fitting that sits between the two carburetors for supplying fuel to the carburetors. Unfortunately, the original "T" fitting became cracked and was spewing fuel. The fitting then broke into multiple pieces as I inspected its condition. I considered rigging an alternate fuel supply scheme using hoses, but the space is so tight between the two fuel nipples that it doesn’t seem like an alternate scheme will work.

      I have ordered a replacement part from Sunbeam Specialties. I was wondering about the installation process for the new part. Do I have to fully remove both carburetors to install the new "T" fitting? Or is it a possibility to instead loosen the carburetors enough in order to install the new part?

      If I have to fully remove the carburetors, is there anything to be concerned with regarding getting the carburetors out of sync, since there are rods connecting the two units together?

      Mike Hartman

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      Although replacement nylon fittings are available, the all-brass T-fitting that Sunbeam Specialties supplies is a far superior set-up. I’ve installed a few of these and like them over anything that might fade with time (white nylon, rubber hose, etc.). Plenty of heat up there and not much cool air between the carbs.

      Installation is simple. I have found it easiest to loosen BOTH carbs and manuever all the parts into place- offers you sufficient room. You should not have to readjust the carbs, as you’re not messing with the throttle or choke cables or the interconnecting linkage. While you’re in there, I would examine the rubber diaphragms in the suction chambers, and check the dashpot oil level.

      Sounds like an easy afternoon project – good luck!


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      Thank you very much for the information. That will help greatly during the install.

      The replacement part from Sunbeam Specialties is the plastic nylon version. Interestingly, it came with two hose clamps. The original nylon T fitting on the car did not have any clamps. I assume these clamps are to be used to compress the nylon onto the carburetor nipples. The part came without instructions and the gentleman at Sunbeam Specialties has never installed the part.

      A photo of the part and clamps is here:

      Thanks again,

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      I installed the new fuel "T" fitting a couple of nights ago. I had to remove all 4 nuts that attach the carburetors and also had to separate one of the linkages between the two carburetors to obtain enough space to install the new part.

      The clamps I mentioned in my previous post did not fit the nylon arms. They must be for the rubber hose that connects into the fuel "T" fitting.


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