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      I noticed a very nice black Tiger at the recent United with two four barrel carbs and the fuel lines coming up to them from the back side of the motor. I did not get a chance to talk to the owner, but am very interested in doing a similar routing to my single 4 barrel. I would appreciate hearing from the owner or anyone else who has done this on how they ran the lines. I am especially interested in what non-stock attachment points around the trans, firewall or bell housing are used.

      Also, I am curious to know if anyone has used the Alpine exhaust tunnel to run the fuel lines forward and if so how they did it. Maybe the trans shifter and linkage makes things too crowded on that side. I cannot tell myself since the motor and trans are currently out of my car. I hear that the factory routing through the drive shaft tunnel exposes the lines to a lot of heat so maybe that Alpine exhaust tunnel can be put to good use. I am going to be putting in a fuel pump in the trunk alpine spare wheel well and it would be easy ( in fact helpful) to run the line out from the trunk on the driver’s side of the car.

      Thanks in advance! Gene

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      We ran the fuel lines inside the car on the passenger side,we used a AN bulkhead fitting behind the seat,and one on the firewall,we increased the fuel line
      to 3/8" we used AN "b nuts" and ferrules,the brake line is also inside makes for a neater deal (my opinion) never liked the stuff under the car.
      We also mounted the fuel pump on the trunk bulkhead, rather than in the trunk or in the false battery box easy to service.


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      Very clever indeed. What sort of line (metal, metal braided hose, etc.) did you run inside the passenger compartment? Looked like metal braided hose is coming up from the firewall to the carbs.

      Exactly where on the firewall is the bulkhead fitting located?

      Is the inside-the-car line run along the trans tunnel or the door side of the floor?

      How did you get comfortable with having a fuel line running inside the passenger compartment?

      Thanks, Gene

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      We ran the lines along the door sill on the first car we used 3/8" stainless steel tubing anneled, on the car we have noe and the one were building we used .065aluminum tubing, the bulkhead fitting for the carb is located as high as possiable on the passengers side (above the false floor) we used a ss braided line from there to the carb, what we did in the rear was first we cut the compression fitting off the cross over pipe,balance tube, and tig’d a – 6 an fitting in its place we then ran a braided line to the pump thru a filter and then a braided line to the bulkhead fitting behind the pass. seat,we did the same on the brake line except its .028 stainless, we used a filter that can be cleaned, and coupled it directly to the pump which is a 5/6# carter street pump. Im not really worried about the internal lines to answer that question,its just a pain under the car and that did bother me!


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      I really appreciate your sharing all that information. You have given me a lot to think about. Hope the new build you have underway goes well!


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