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      Does anyone know what vented disks can be easly bought and modified to fit on a Alpine/Tiger hub. They must have an off set close to 1″ thick and can’t be over 11.5″ in diameter due to the limit of my lathe.

      John Logan Sr.

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      John , Dales restorations sells a kit that costs about $250. Includes the vented discs and plate to widen the caliper to accept the wider disc.

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      Thanks Ken,

      I will check with Dale. I have some calipers from a 2001 Mustang Cobra that I want to put on the Tiger and would like to find some disks that could be used.
      John Logan

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      Email me and I will tell and show you where I’m at with the Mustang spindles.Much more meat to them.
      Not far enough to start the article as yet.Maybe in a week or so.

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      Chuck Ingram,
      I sent you an E-mail. I hope you haven’t changed you address lately.

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