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      The frame of my Tiger needs repair (among other things) and I am debating on how to proceed. I am debating whether to rebuild/replace the original configeration or have a full frame built similar to Wifred Potter’s – I would however add an additional piece along the rockers and "lock" the frame to the body at the outrigger boxes (I must get new ones also) and front and rear rails.

      I am looking for some feed back – pros/cons or any suggestions on a frame configeration. Any and all advice is welcome.

      By the way, great website and news letter!


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      Hi Roger-just how bad of a rust problem do you have on your Tiger chassis? Is the X member rusted out? I have a really rusty Tiger I got last year and even that car is not so bad that any of the chassis support sections or rails need replacement. I tried to go to the link you posted but it is not working. If your car is that bad, rusty sections could be cut out and replaced with those from a parts car. I think I would do that instead of fabricating something. Eric

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        there is a full stop at the end of the web link.. delete it and you will see the site

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        The rust problem is mostly at the end of the rails. The pass throughs are in pretty good shape. The original owner fabricated his own box frame to go over the original, but forgot the ends. This coupled with driving it through the snows of Buffalo for 20+ years took a toll on the underside of the car.

        Again, just trying to get the strongest frame for the car to be based on. Thanks again.


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        So that’s where Tom Calvert’s car has gone. Potter did a conversion on it.

        IMHO, That Ford Aspire front end clip is certainly one of the aesthetically balanced front end mods I have seen. It compliments the cars styling nicely. This is the first I have seen/heard of Potters mods. It is the way Rootes would have had to build the car if they started stuffing 400+HP in the car. The Potter approach of boxing and using the trans cross brace as a structural member is a neat idea.

        With respect to your car, the fact the someone else covered the original frame suggests that it is a patch job. The very weak link in the stock frame is where the cross frame, side frame by the rockers and the wheel arch frame all converge at the front of the rear leaf spring. Virtually every Tiger and many Alpines have cracks and frame separation at this juncture. For this reason it is a good idea to rebuild the frame. How you do it is your option. rebuild the stock or fabricate like Potter. Continue with leaf springs or go all the way and do coils. The latter requires a lot engineering work. If your are a proficient fabricator/engineer you can do it yourself. Other wise you have to pay some one. If paying someone who is a "professional", you will likely never recoup cost when selling the car. In other words, you should be willing to pay the price for uniqueness.

        Good luck and have fun. Nothing is free.

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