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      My name is Sam. I had a ’65 Tiger when I was a kid. Went to my parents garage today and found a complete wire harness and a passenger side fuel tank. Both in fine condition. I have been away from the cool cars for awhile since selling my GT500KR, Boss, Tiger, and “66 GT mustang. Saw Barrett-Jackson the other day and realized how stupid kids can be. I sold them all before I was 21. Hindsight.

      I know they were both hard to come by in the early ’80s, must be someone looking for them now days. Both are available. Don’t know value, please be fair. Both are for sale. My phone number is 812-597-5413. Call before 10pm eastern please.

      I am unsure on year of harness. May need guidance to be sure. I think ’64 or ’65. Tank looked just like mine.

      Sorry for long post, hope these items can help someone.


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