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      I bought this today… unfortunately, I had to buy a 1965 Mustang, too, but fortunately that one is sold to a friend.

      It is a good solid Sunbeam. No rust The owner has had it since the early 70’s.


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      Wonderful Tiger-and my favorite color too! Survivors like that are getting very hard to find. How many miles are on it? Congratulations! Eric

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        Congrats. Not many Mk II’s around.


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        I’m jealous.

        Fred Baum

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        Great find. Love the white hard top. I would have to think about trying to recreate one of the factory rallye cars. Don’t know how long I would think about it but it just looks like it was meant to go fast on country roads. A couple of extra lights, a tire or two on the trunk lid, maybe a roll cage, and then rock and roll.

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        NICE find! Would you be willing to share the car’s find story with us?

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        How about a story for the newsletter? Photos would be great, also.

        Fred Baum
        Send me your stuff editor, the Rootes Review

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        Hey Steve-any race history??! An article for the RR would be great-love to hear the "found in a barn stories"….Eric

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        Technically, the odometer shows 49533 miles. Not sure if it is totally accurate but it could be.

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        Technically, the odometer shows 49533 miles. Not sure if it is totally accurate but it could be.

        I happened to have a friend send me a listing for a Hardtop on Craigslist. So, I went to look and in the garage was this Tiger. The owner, had recently decided that he would sell it AND a 65′ Mustang but insisted that they go as a package. I couldn’t resist the Tiger since it is a good solid car without rust.

        Things I am considering:

        1) Leaving it as it is – but repainting the nose where it had been repainted and dented again – nothing terrible but it needs attention.

        2) Goint to the paintless dent repair and having them touch up some of the worse dings.

        3) Repaint the wheels… technically, it came with 2 old LAT 70’s but I am not sure I want to run those. I do have a set of NOS American racing Silverstones in the basement.

        I guess the first thing is to get it running again…

        BTW, i have FIVE right side exhast systems for sale – if somebody has a need for one side. I feel like I have dinning room tables without chairs.
        Also an old C.A.T. Bluestreak exhaust system complete if some body were interested it would be cheap.

        Not done buffing… lots of paint oxidation


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        Hi Steve,

        What is the decal above the ‘V8’ badge on the boot? Is it a dealer decal?

        Regards, Robin.

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        Yes, it is the dealer decal. I have the key chain that matches, too.
        If I understand correctly the car ended up on a Ford dealer’s lot in 1970. The sales manager bought it (he was the owner that I bought it from).

        He ended up driving it until the early 80’s and parked it. miles.


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        HI to ALL;

        now I got it in my garage. Nothing important MK2 part is missing! It need`s new sills and a rear floor panel, all rubber and the original paint cc 86.
        Here some pics

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