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        1. Club Purpose and Related Content: Posts must focus on the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of Rootes Group vehicles, particularly Sunbeam Alpines and Tigers, or related automotive topics.
        2. Be respectful of other members at all times: If you are talking about the person rather than the topic at hand, you have probably violated this rule. Bullying of any kind or threats of violence are NOT permitted and will NOT be tolerated.
        3. Avoid sensitive topics: Do not make posts of a political or religious nature.
        4. Do not use inappropriate images or speech: Avatars, signature pictures or any images of an overtly sexual, political, religious, graphic, or otherwise divisive/offensive nature are NOT allowed. Profane language is prohibited
        5. Members are authorized to sell items: Sales by private parties (members) are permitted. Commercial sales by companies and vendors are not allowed. Only related automotive items are authorized for sale.
        6. Enforcement of rules: Admins reserve the right to remove inappropriate posts and images. Admins are also authorized to suspend or terminate your ability to post on this page for failure to follow these rules.

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