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      has anyone put the ford racing parts M-6007-XE3M crate motor into a tiger?

      i already have a 302 with MSD ignition in there, but are there any other complications to just dropping this in? do the roller rockers fit under the stock "tiger" valve covers? does the water pump and ‘tiger’ oil pan bolt straight in?

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        I have the M-6007-XB3M with LAT rocker covers and the supplied sump. the LAT sump should fit it, the only issue is upgrading your cooling system. The motor is a real nice mover.

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        what gear box and rear end are you using?

        do you have the stock v-belt and water pump?

        i’m thinking of putting a t5 in this winter and i thought i might as well drop a new motor in at the same time. mainly because i know very little about the current engine so am reluctant to push it beyond 4500rpm. not sure what gearing to go for though. i’m thinking the 2.95-0.63 T5 with maybe a 3.03 rear end. the gap from 4th to 5th is a little large though but without the 2.88 rear its still nice to be able to have an 80mph low revs cruising gear.

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          I am running the dana 3.07 LSD, toploader box and think it has V belt with aluminium pulleys.

          Also has CAT headers, car is a mover… but… if you ahve the budget.. use the M-6007-z50e as it has all the forged components.

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          Since we are on the subject here. Will a M-6007-C347 (450 HP) work in the Tiger? I know that cooling will need to be seriously address as well as brakes.

          Even though you can get an engine with oil sump in the front, it looks like a big sump.

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          i’m sure 340hp will be sufficient!

          do you have the wide ratio gears or the original close ratios? whats a safe upper rev limit on the M-6007-XE3M?

          the close ratio 1st with 2.88 rear is terrible for standing starts.

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          hi all the techs at ford racing are real helpful one of the techs ibelive his name is ray droped this crate engine in a tiger . he told me the following things must be done. 1 – use your tiger water pump 2 – a steel dist gear must be used. 3 – use the tiger oil pan ,oil pick up and dipstick ? (this i am not sure if it must be done i dont see any clearance problems with the pan that comes with the crate >but i droped my engine out the bottom. 4 – a 64 to (I think 84) 6 bolt top loader bell housing( must be modified if you use the stock 4 speed trans Doug jennings knows a shop that will do this work. ( if you use the 5 speed i dont know what bell housing you will need ) 5- you need the edelbrock performer intake. 6- you need your tiger valve covers. note dont have mine in yet so i dont know, but am thinking a larger exaust system may be necessary to let this little screamer breath and work the way it was ment to 6 – the flywheel must be drilled to fit the tiger clutch… luck earl blu oval

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          you will need a after market 50 oz 3 bolt dampner for the tiger pulleys to work this i found thru dales tiger resto thanks earl blu oval

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          As for the dipstick on the Tiger, this goes in the timing cover, not the oil pan. Some timing covers have a place for them, which just needs to be drilled out.

          I think exchange of water pumps from the Tiger needs careful consideration on new engines as the post 1994 stock engines have smaller reverse flow pumps (serpentine belt driven?). But its possible that some crate engines now are designated for earlier applications.

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          hi all i think that the reason the ford racing guy said to use the tiger water pump was because of the clearance issues..and belt alignment..if you have found that the later mod water pump will fit ..please post the part no. and or year and model of the car it is for.. with the stock tiger rad in my tiger and the short snout water pump i only have about 1/2 inch between the fan and rad. and this could be a greater problem with the griffin rad . i think the motor is too far forward due to the after market motor mounts being a little off with the mounting holes.and no they were not reversed.( as they can be reversed .they are spifis rt and left side) and then produce an even greater problem) i intend to do a little re-drill and grinding and see if i can get the 302 to sit back a little further. thanks earl blu oval

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          well last night i found that the tiger water pump will not bolt on to the crate timing cover… will have to take the timing cover off the 289 and inst it onto the crate. thanks earl (blu oval???)

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          I posted the following plus some comments and responses to questions in "Conversion of 260 to 302 or 289 6 Bolt" so I will post it here in case you didn’t see it.
          John Logan

          I installed the M-6007-XE3M Crate engine in 2004. Here quickly, are some of the things I did. I know there is much more so If you want additional information let me know.

          • I tried to use the early Aluminum "TIGER" valve covers from
          the 260 engine but I had to modify the ends of the covers,
          redesign the baffles (not remove) and use two gaskets for
          stock rocker arm clearance.
          • Early 302 front cover with the front dip stick
          • The front sump pan that came with the engine with the dipstick
          hole plugged. Don’t forget that! The engine I got had the
          Explorer serpentine drive, front cover and pump. They sell
          them with “V” drives now.
          • Windage tray
          • Stock oil pump
          • Headers with 2 ½” exhaust.
          • A 50 oz balancer with the nose machined back to use the stock
          front accessory drive locations.
          • Four bolt pulley. I think there are now three bolt 50 oz
          balancers available.
          • Stock engine mounts (USA MADE, NOT TIWAN JUNK that
          relocates the engine!).
          • New transmission cross member with slightly modified early
          Mustang or Tiger rubber mount.
          • A T-5 with the 3.35 low and .68 OD and the 2.88 rear. It starts
          from a stop very smoothly and goes 72 MPH at 2000 RPM.
          • Steel front T-5 bearing retainer
          • Short, reversed shift lever
          • Later Mustang six bolt housing and Mustang diaphragm clutch.
          • Edelbrock Performer Manifold
          • Holley 600 four barrel carburetor with a Holley fuel pressure
          • Edelbrock High flow aluminum water pump with the fan flange
          moved back 7/16”. That’s all it takes to make a “Tiger” water
          • A re-curved 1966 vacuum advance distributor with the
          recommended steel gear and the Pertronix I solid state
          • A Griffin aluminum radiator
          • Stock Tiger drive shaft.

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          have hit a brick wall and cant seem to find anyone that knows . if there is a 6 bolt bell housing for the 302 that will bolt up to the early ford 4 spd trans. (64) if so need to know year and make, a cast number or part number would be the ultimate. i realy dont want to go to the 5 speed if i dont have to at this time. thanks earl blu oval??

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          There is a Trans-Dapt bellhousing that had the Ford 6-bolt bellhousing pattern on the front, and the early Ford toploader pattern (small bearing retainer, narrow bolt pattern) on the rear.

          There are two or three things that aren’t perfect about it: One is that it’s made for the larger (164 tooth) flywheel and starter combination, but there are a couple of different ways to work around that. The other two things are that the Tiger tunnel is too tight, right where the firewall to transmission tunnel seam is, and the starter bulge on the right side of the bellhousing hits the tunnel as well.

          I found one of these on eBay, made it fit, and made an adapter for the starter so the 157 tooth flywheel and standard starter would fit. However, I changed my mind, and put a T5 in instead. The bellhousing went to Dan Walters.

          For what you want to do, it is more straightforward to get a Ford 6 bolt aluminum bellhousing, and get a larger bearing retainer from a later toploader. You will have to have some blocks welded into the bellhousing to accept the transmission to bellhousing bolts, and get them drilled and tapped using the bearing retainer as an alignment fixture. I would be surprised if none of the toploader shops do this…

          Another option is to get a wide-pattern toploader case and transfer your transmission internals and tail housing to it. Depending on your opinion in the close ratio vs. wide ratio debate, you might just want to swap a wide ratio gearset onto your mainshaft while you’re at it.

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