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      Hi Guys,

      I have gotten the kits going again and am taking orders now. I almost have the ten required to get the best price break. I would suggest to anyone who is seriously considering converting his Alpine, that now is the best time, because I don’t know how long it would take to get another ten orders together, to get the best price. I look forward to helping you to get your own V6 Alpine on the road. Below, you will find the new price/parts list and ordering instructions, so you can see what it costs at a number of ten at time and know how to order your kit.


      The conversion kit will only be offered in a complete form, in other words, there won’t be a basic kit. This will facilitate ordering and production of the kit, since almost everyone bought all the parts anyway. I have added another part to the kit, (clutch slave cylinder mounting bracket), so that there will be one less thing to worry about, as you put your Alpine together. The kit will contain the following parts for your ease of conversion to a Ford 2.8 V6.

      1. Engine motor mounts

      2. Transmission support crossmember

      3. Equal length tubular headers

      4. Alternator bracket

      5. Modified center link

      6. Clutch slave cylinder mounting bracket

      Kit: $1,485.00
      Shipping: $55.00
      Total $ 1,540.00

      You will notice that the modified thermostat housing and pilot bearing adapter aren’t offered. That is because I recommend using the T5 from a 1996 or later Mustang with the 3.8 V6. If you still want to use one of the earlier T5’s, I can send you the contact information for the guy that made them for me. He will be happy to supply you with what you need. Be sure to let him know which transmission you will be using, I4, or V8, because they use different bearings. The thermostat housing mcan still be modified by my old fabricator. You just need to tell him if you intend on using your heater, and he will modify it accordingly.

      To order your kit, Send two postal money orders, ( the limit for a postal money order is $1,000, so you’ll need two), to

      James Ellis
      813 Brandon Ave.
      Columbia, SC 29209

      Please make them out to Maria Rodriguez (my wife). Jim will deposit them to my wife’s account. I have to do this, because Pay Pal has locked my accounts, because of a supposed problem with someone with my name. I will have to do this till I get it all straightened out. To those outside the states, that may have to use Pay Pal, add three percent for using Jim’s pay pal account. That is what Pay Pal charges Jim for every trans action. If you need to do this, please send me an e-mail and I will send you Jim’s account number.

      I’m happy to finally be able to supply you with a kit, so you can work on your Alpine over the winter, when it’s too cold to go outside. Please send me your response as soon as possible, so we can get the right price for ordering in volume.


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      hi Joe
      i am interested in 1 of your kits
      i have a 1967 sv sunbeam alpine which is just about to have a v6 put into it
      dose your kit work with a right hand drive and do you ship to the uk

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      hi joe is it still possible to get 1 of your kit

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      Dan Richardson

        If you review some of the "other" POSTS on the 2.8 V6 Conversions you will find that I am offering components for a whole range of items.

        My headers do not "stick out" the side of the car! They run straight back similar to the Tiger system.

        My engine mounts serve as a "block" to keep the engine from moving too far toward the front of the car when making the initial installation. They come with a "rubber biscuit" that is not a sole source item, They are available from multiple Auto Suppliers.

        I have transmission brackets for both transmission types, either the Manual 4 spd or the BW35 Auto Alpines. These Transmission brackets are applicable for the late model Mustang T5’s; C3/4 and A4LD Automatic transmissions.

        A key to my offer is that you can pick any one item or multiples of my components.

        I offer a modified thermostat housing that has the heater option(one price). A modified Water Neck for the Ofy 4 bbl manifold that matches my recommendation of a top left radiator connection and a bottom right 90 elbow connection which is much simpler when installing and replacing if that should occur; A pilot bearing adapter if you need one; and other goodies:) Look for my other posting for more info or E-mail: or GOTO:

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