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      I know this the cart WAY before the horse because I don’t even have a Tiger yet but what the hell, movers are packing my house and I am bored.

      Has anyone supercharged their tiger? Would prefer a carburetor setup vs EFI. I can imagine that the hood would need lots of modifications.

      Seems to me that a supercharger would be much more doable for the Tiger vs a turbo system due to the limited engine compartment space. Then again, there is the possibility of a remote mounted turbo near the rear of the car.

      I did do a search and found nothing on this subject.

      TIA all,

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      Hi Duke,

      When you get your Tiger you will find that there is no room for a turbo unless you like to cut things up. A supercharger would be easier to mount above the engine but there is no room for the drive pulleys unless you again like to cut things and move the radiator.

      I wouldn’t recomend either in a Tiger.

      John Logan

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      You can make tons of HP with a small block Ford and have the engine bay look almost box stock. If you are looking for the Pro Street look with big things sticking out of the hood and a tubbed rear end, I would recommend an Alpine (Hopefully not a nice original) for the project. Once you start cutting up an original car, Tiger or Alpine, the car is essentially lost forever as a classic. There are a lot of 12 second Tigers out there and at least one 9 second car that I know of, all without major body modifications.

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      I agree to the cutting of the car. Will be paying a lot of money for a Tiger and do not want to devalue it at all. I think that the 450 hp Ford crate motor will be PLENTY of HP for a 2500 lb car. Just wonder if anyone has FIed a Tiger in the past when the cars value was not so high.

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        I am quite sure i saw images of a Tiger (maybe alger) that had a supercharger coming out of the bonet. In a Sunbeam that would make it hard to drive as there os not that much forward view and there was lots of induction gear.

        There is a supercharged V6 being built at the moment, but again, it well and truly clears the hood.

        Some guys are spraying their tiger, that seems to work well, but i think anything more than 350bhp and the cooling issues, traction issues and general more power/torque than grip issues mean you are being more of a dyno donkey than a driver.

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