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      Can anybody tell me which Flowmaster muffler can be used on the Tiger, I have read an article on it some where but cannot remember where …
      and it gave the the model or part # of the Flowmaster that worked on the
      Tiger… Think they were The 2 chamber Flowmaster but more important it the proper size …..
      THanks Ted Baird 🙂

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      Hello there,

      Just became a member and noticed your question. I have seen tech artical on the Tigers United web site. They used #42451 Flow Masters, @ $65 each….$USF? He also mentions that they now have a TriDelta muffler that is quieter, the same size, and are $20 more each!

      Here’s the link … haust1.asp

      Never did that before, hope it works.

      Any ways, hope that this helps!

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