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      I took the Alpine (Series V) on its weekend trot and everything was fine, extra fine even given the beautiful weather, and as I drove into the garage, I detected the red light next to the key flickering. I raced the engine a bit, but it came back.
      question: is it the generator (I think Series V still had generators) or the voltage regulator (which is new) Is there any easy way to test which is failing?
      Jim Anderson

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      I took the alternator and voltage regulator from my 1965 Mustang to my local Auto Zone. They put the alternator on their test machine and it was good. Therefore, I knew the regulator was bad. didn’t cost me anything for the test, but I did buy a new regulator for $10.00

      Hope this helps.

      Fred Baum

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      Hi Fred,
      Thanks, I’ll try that. Last time it happened, at Tom Calvert’s Crabfest, Bob Sharkey supplied a spare which got me home. But that had nothing to do with my vote on the Lord Rootes trophy!
      Jim Anderson

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