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      I have been looking for an example of a 3rd brake light suitable for my Sunbeam Tiger. My wife and I have been in a serious rear end collision and know that we might be dead if we hadn’t had headrests. My Tiger does not have headrests and the 3rd brake light would be a step closer to preventing another rear end collision. Apparently not many 3rd brake lights have been installed on these cars because I was unable to find a photo of such. There are universal mount units available, but most are on a stem and probably fragile during the soft top manipulation. While observing other vehicles on the road, I found that almost all have the 3rd brake light inside the rear window or embedded in the shape of the trunk or hatch. I finally found that a Chevy Blazer has an externally mounted 3rd brake light! I Googled and found aftermarket 3rd brake lights available for this Blazer. FYI the same part number is listed to fit 95-04 Chevy Full-size Blazer /95-99 Tahoe /92-99 Suburban /92-99 GMC Yukon/ 02-05 Hummer H2 (4-door models Only). offers it in red, smoke, or chrome for $72.95 + shipping. They are LED. I opted for the chrome, #11-CD00LEDG2AC, as it would be mounted between my trunk hinges. It mounts on a very slight radius with self adhesive tape and a sheet metal screw at each end. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the radius of the light, along the mounting surface, was immeasurably close to the same as my trunk surface! There are small locating tabs that fit in the OE installation, probably for assembly purposes. I broke those off because they don’t seem necessary and I didn’t want to cut those holes in my trunk. I also included a Blinking Smart Stop Delay Module that flashes this 3rd brake light when brakes are first applied. I purchased mine from . My #301-2003-11F only cost $24.95 + shipping and works great! I enclosed this module inside a small plastic “project box” from Radio Shack.
      I hope you find this interesting. I’m very pleased with the added safety of letting the guy behind me know I’m slowing down. I have photos but could not figure out how to post them on the TE/AE forum. 🙄 I had posted this same article is on the C.A.T. forum with photos.

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      You could send it to the Rootes Review – with the photos – for publication. I don’t think "everyone" looks at this forum.
      Sounds like a nice set-up. Anything to help with safety is worth looking at…


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      Thanks for recommending it might be worthy of a publishing.

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      It is worthy of including in the Rootes Review.

      Send the article and some photos to me and I’ll get it in the newsletter.

      Fred Baum
      Editor, the Rootes Review

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      I took the belt and suspenders approach and added LED Tail/Brake lights plus a 3rd brake light in a rollbar

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      I noted a couple of cars with a "3rd brakelight" at the United in TN… the Jeffers and maybe Logan Sr(?) among them.

      Bud – how is the visibility of the one on the roll bar thru the rear window on the soft top?

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      Visibility was very good with both hard and soft tops.

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      As Mark noted, I installed a third brake light on my Tiger. It was an inexpensive universal part probably made in China. It came with self adhesive tape and I installed it on the trunk lid between the hinges. The adhesive failed in the first week. So I went to an auto parts store and bought a roll of 3M brand adhesive tape, and installed the light again. 4000 miles this Summer and it is still holding.

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      If you have a roll mar that is a great place to mount the 3rd brake light…I also use liscence plate surround brackets with 3rd brake light built into it

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