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      The owners manual describes the cooling system as holding 3 gallons. I can get 2 1/4 gallons in and then there is a some blow by. Does the system really hold 3 gallons or did I read things wrong? What is the correct way to fill the system?

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      What have you tried so far, Bill?

      Has the coolant filled the heater core yet? If you turn on the heat, does it get warm inside? Is the heater valve working?

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      I would recommend raising the front of the Tiger somewhat so that the air return to the resevoir is just as high as the heater core.This was an old blacksmith trick.I still do it when for some reason I have drained the coolant.As it gets full give it a few minutes.Remember your thermostat is closed so it needs the extra few minutes.Then most likely you will be able to top the coolant up.
      You do not want the resevoir almost full as when you lower the car it will add up into the resevoir

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      Thanks for the answers. The heater valve is new but I’ll check it anyhow. Raising the car sounds like the right thing to do, and pretty simple. Since it’s in for the winter I can do both things and be ready for spring.

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      Just I note I have found that useing 50/50 mix is not good for Tigers, the heating problem may creep up on you, I would cut it back to around 40% or less coolent to water, just 2 cents worth, have used this in my Tiger for many years and recently had changed my coolent and forgot to cut back on the antifreeze part and my car got real hot, after cutting it back everything was good to go! :mrgreen:

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      You probably had a bit more than a 50/50 mix and were abit more antifreeze than 50%
      Actaully you can get antifreeze to jell with a strong mix.It still moves but heat transfer is not very good and there is why you had your hot engine symptoms.As you say you cut back enough to solve the problem.I do not mix as to percentage but check as to the freezing point of the mixture.
      I like to have a mix that is good for 40 below in C or F degrees.-40 is the same in either C or F
      This has never given me a problem.

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      Sounds about right , I do know that 50/50 is to much for down here, not that cold here in the good old south! :mrgreen:

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