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      Does anyone have a source or part number for “fat” valve cover gaskets?
      I just installed Scorpion Roller Rockers and it isn’t looking good for clearance.

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      Just glue two of the good cork/rubber ones together.

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      I considered a double gasket but the local machine shop ordered a 5/16 gasket for me. We will see how it works. Odds are it will not be enough. As it is, I will be walking a fine line with firewall clearance.

      Happy Motoring

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      When I had the Harland-Sharp aluminum roller rockers I ended up grinding the corners on the end ones to fit.
      I later bought the Comp Cams Pro-Magnum rollers which are a lot smaller and fit easily under the cast valve covers.

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      I think you’re looking for a Fel-Pro #1645. It’s 5/16″ cork with a steel core.

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      Thanks, that’s the one I got and it wasn’t cheap. Probably won’t get back to the car for a couple of weeks. The moratorium my wife gave me on home improvements has expired so I will be working with wood for a while. I had hoped to get the car to Chateau Elan but it just isn’t going to happen unless I bum a trailer. At some point, I may write a ditty about how not to adjust valves. When you throw low quality rockers (now discarded), Rhodes lifters and a cloud of smoke (because the slotted valve cover won’t go over the roller rockers) together, it turns a relatively simple job into a character building experience. I’m close to a world record for the most hours spent adjusting valves on a small block Ford.

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      Hey Bud!
      Sorry about all the valve problems-you gotta get the Tiger to Chateau Elan one way or another. Eric

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      As an old boss told me, there are no problems, only opportunities. This is an opportunity for me to sharpen my extremely dull mechanical skills.
      I am still optimistic that I will be able to find a trailer for Chateau Elan. The only things I really have to do to be able to drive the car on and off is to install the slave cylinder hydraulic line, install rear brakes and a couple of other hydraulic lines, and bolt a seat in. With no glass in the hard top and no soft top, I will probably just spend some more money at SS and buy a tonneau cover to hide the lack of an interior.

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      After way too much trial and error trying to get valve covers to fit, I took my first ride (About a mile) in the car on Sunday. I ended up buying the tall valve covers and they barely fit but they work. This is the first time this car has moved under it’s own power in 15 years. It is a bit crude (no interior except the original seat and a new dash), but it sure felt good. Gotta get some grommets in the firewall and floorboards. It’s a bit warm on the toes. The goal was to get it to the point where it could be driven on and off a trailer for Chateau Elan. Goal accomplished.

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      Way to go Bud! We will see you at Chateau this weekend. Eric

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