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      Does anyone know where to find the article by Dale Akuzewski (My apologies if I mispelled his last name) about sleeving the X frame for the exhaust pipe pass throughs? I read it a few years ago and now I can’t find it.


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      Here’s a link that references the article you mention. … haust1.asp


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      Thanks, but I’ve already seen this one. In item number 6 the author makes specific mention of an article by Dale A. That’s the one I’m looking for.


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      I bought my rims and disc brakes from Dale. I called him about some question I had on the disc brakes and while talking with him asked him about these inserts. What he said to do was just what #6 in the linked article says, buy some conduit, cut it to length, shape into an oval and place them through the frame. Finish them off as best you can and you’re done.

      I’m getting ready to have my exhaust made & fit and will probably install the inserts. Bruce

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      I couldn’t find any 2 inch pipe, so I made some from sheet steel which I had plenty of. You dont really need an oval, just mark the positions where your exhaust (if you already have one) need to go first to get it central. I used an ex Tiger system. Cutting the holes was tricky, and I used a combination of power saw and power nibbler. A plasma cutter would be great I would think.

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      Thanks for the info!

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