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      I have what I consider a very clean ’66 Alpine with only 54K miles. But the engine serial number #N392687CAL doesn’t match the chassis number (B395004581LRX). In fact it doesn’t correspond to the usual Rootes numbering system. Could this be refitted with a factory small block? And could the suffix CAL stand for California, and possibly be fitted with valves for unleaded gas? Would appreciate any clues. ❓

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        what do you mean by factory small block?
        Is it still a rootes engine?
        Is it a 1725 or 3 main engine (does the dip stick go into the block or the sump?)
        The factory would never have offered an unleaded spec engine.

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        I took a closer look at the engine block, the dip stick goes into the casting just behind and aside of the oil filter. Below the exhaust manifold there are a series of numbers cast into the engine block:
        high and centered – 1724
        lower and to the front -1981100
        same level and to the rear – 318-8-66
        lower and centered – DD
        The valve cover is blank in the raised area where I’ve seen "SUNBEAM" OR "HOLBAY". Everything else seems to look correct.

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        The engine number you quote sounds like it may have been issued with a sunbeam that was re-registered in California after the vin plate had been removed. Or the car it came out of had a new VIN from California and the owner stamped in the matching number. If thats not it then it could be an engine out of a 68/69 Sunbeam ?

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