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      As my car is almost ready for reassembly my MAW syndrome has flared up terribly.

      MAW is the scientific term for the "Might As Wells"… a malady that apparently
      is very common in the car hobby. Symptoms vary but typically include late nights
      searching the web, increasingly cold stares from the wife and a much lighter wallet.

      "well since the engine is already out…. I might as well……. replace it, switch out my trans, etc…."

      I was just curious as to what you guys have done with your engines/trans and perhaps
      some insight as to what led you to your final decision.

      and Happy New Year.

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      I went with a 1986 302 with the roller cam. That way I did not have to worry about additives in the oil.
      For the transmission I used a top loader from my 77 Monark. I already had it so there was no additional cost for a little bit of overdrive. I like it at highway speeds, but the gap between second and third is too wide.

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      how was the tranny swap- lot of alterations?

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      Not really. My car was using the Hurst shifter setup with the Tiger toploader. So I had to fabricate a new mounting plate for the Hurst shifter to the Monark toploader. The speedometer cable goes in on the opposite side so that needed to be rerouted. The Monark toploader is a little shorter in length so I had a new driveshaft made but it could have been handled with a spacer behind the Tiger driveshaft.

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      I rebuilt the origonal 260 in the Tiger we have and used a GM 5 speed just machined an adaptor plate and used an SVO clutch which is the same spline as GM.
      the T5 was way less money than looking for a Ford T5!

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        Maybe a better term is T.O.C.D. or
        Tigers Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The only known cure is a unplanned shot to the wallet and a case of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it..

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