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      I finally got my Alpine running after 2 years of work.. Cleaning up the small items I notice an oil leak at the front bearing cap. As I recall I did not install a seal on that cap Is there supposed to be one there??

      It seems like there should be some type of seal between the cap and the oil pan, but I did not notice one in the diagram. 8) Any help including source for the seal, or a diagram would be much appreciated.

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      There’s a small cork strip which fits into the front main cap and is sandwiched between the pan and the cap. Add some RTV, especially at the corners. Same strip on the rear main cap. Drop the pan and you’ll see them both.

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      Or better yet – throw the cork strip and pan gasket away and use a bead of silicone RTV for sealing. I rebuilt the engine three summers ago on Ol’ Blue using the RTV. Three years later no leaks and no drips.

      from sunny South Dakota,


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