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      Looking to ID this Engine:
      B399001150 GT LRX

      The engine is in a later Series V Alpine. It has the alloy ribbed oil pan. The valve train consist of a single spring, not the double, and the valve spring retainers are larger diameter but carry a ROOTES part number. Our idea is that it comes from a later Chrysler ’68-69 (ROOTES drive-train) Alpine GT fastback series car, but we are not certain of the history on those cars.

      Any help would be appreciated to ID the ROOTES vehicle Series/Model or years it was produced..
      copy to:[/b]

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      You may be right as to the 69/71 Alpine fastback coupe.The engine mounts were positioned to have the engine slanted and were different than the 59/67 Alpine.The 59/67 Alpine mounts were basically at the front while the coupe were mounted on the side of the block near the front.They sat on sort of a stalk like post.
      There should be machined holes in that area.I can’t give specific as memory on this one is old.The 69/71s did have the finned Alloy pan.I can’t remember if it was an option or stock item but it is a desired item for the 59/67 Alpines as it is a direct bolt on.
      Some where out there is a engine list as I did see it once upon a time but again the memory on this is lost.It has been a long time since I worked on one.
      Hope this helps a little.
      8) Did I mention how sunny it is?

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      Hey Chuck my friend, how are you…Merry Christmas!

      Yeah..we thought as much. I felt Chrysler was pushing all the ROOTES stuff out the door. The block is the same as the 1725 in appearance, uses same engine mounts. I’m sure the original carb was a single downdraft Solex..this one has a two stage Webber which is nice.
      If you happen to come across the engine/chassis number chart on the other than ‘Series’ Alpines please let me know.


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      It was an easy swap to put into the 59/67 alpine by changing the front by using the Alpine timing cover etc.Vitually the same 1725 as the Alpine 1725.
      Will send an email later as I must go right now

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      The email comes back. if you see this send me an email so we can catch up.
      Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and for a wonderful 2006

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      The SAOC guide list the B399——- engines as being from the Sunbeam fastback. This entry is hand written in the book I have and I got the info for this one from Paul in the UK who I believe compiled the engine list.

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      Thanks Jim. Chuck and I both thought the same. It seems to be a nice set up we can deal with.

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      quote Chuck Ingram:

      The email comes back. if you see this send me an email so we can catch up.
      Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and for a wonderful 2006

      Chuck, the email is good:


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      That engine serial number is indeed from a ’69/70 GT fastback. I have B399000150 GT LRX. The GT would have had a dual Stromberg 150 CD set-up, not a Solex. (The non-GT fastback version was equipped with a single Stromberg.) And I wouldn’t mind finding one of those alloy pans for my 67 Alpine.

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      Our version of this engine includes a single two stage Weber carb and the alloy oil pan. If you are interested in the engine or the complete car contact us via email or website. The engine is strong and runs very well. We also have the dual stromberg setup as well and would include them in the deal.

      Chuck Ingram
      My email is listed below.

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