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      One of our members needs wheels for a Series II and I have an extra set from a SeriesIV.

      I know that the early steel wheels are visually different. I want to prevent shipping my wheels and tires over to him to find out they cannot be used; two questions then:

      1- will the S IV wheels interfere with the early brake drums or calipers?
      2- will the early hub caps snap on and stay put on the late wheels?

      Anything else?

      Thanks, Gilles

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      To address your questions first:

      (1) No.

      (2) Yes.

      The difference is in the number of vent holes in the rim. Early series had 12 holes, late II to IV (I believe) had 8, more elongated, holes. If your friend is interested in being CORRECT, check the date code on the rim. I have several early series rims available, 60 and 62 codes.
      And they need to leave the garage this summer…

      Guinness time,

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      Thanks Wayne, I will tell Chuck about your wheels.


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