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      I have done a search on dual master cylinders,and haven’t found any exact answers with part answer was “some sort of a colt or cricket part.”
      So does anyone know exactly what dual master can be used on a tiger with out a bunch of cutting or adapting?..also i’ve heard something about 70’s datsun trucks working…

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      21 views…no replies….someone out there knows…please help 😆

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      Years ago, I heard that a Triumph TR6 master cylinder was a pretty easy swap

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      The lack of response may be related to your question about “dual master cylinders” which are seldom used on anything except race cars where the ability to change the front / rear brake bias during a race is important.

      I suspect that you are actually interested in a tandem master cylinder which splits the front and rear hydraulic circuits and improves safety by eliminating the single point failure mode. If so, the master cylinder from a mid-’70’s Datsun (Nissan) PL620 pickup truck has a 3/4″ bore and will bolt up to the Alpine / Tiger mounting points. You will have to deal with the metric line fittings with the appropriate adapters. The tandem M/C is longer than the Alpine M/C and may result in intake manifold / carburetor clearance issues. I am not far enough along to comment on the performance.

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        I just finished installing a ’79 Nissan 280ZX tandem master in my Tiger. It fits real nice after spacing it about 1/4″ off the firewall…the vertical mounting holes are pretty much right on too. It’s the only one I’ve seen which has the bleeders on the right…most are on the left and that jams right into the clutch master. It also has a 15/16″ bore which seems to be just right for my front Wilwood calipers and rear 914 calipers. Dale’s restorations uses a very similar if not this exact master with their disc brake upgrades… I also added a proportioning valve in the rear circuit on mine. I’m not sure how this setup would work if you have stock brakes, though… might need something with a smaller bore…
        I can send pics to show you how it fits if you like


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