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      any opinions on this 302 tiger on ebay? … 303&rd=1,1

      i’m looking for a reliable occasional driver that looks tidy but doesn’t need to a show car.


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      Any car is a good car if the price is right. It looks like an honest car but there is no way I would consider buying any Sunbeam without looking at it or having someone I trust look at it for me.

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      Is just the light or is the shifter in the wrong position? Still need to see it in the flesh!

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      i don’t suppose any members live near by and could take a look at it?

      would be much appreciated.


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      Ehere is the 302 Tiger?

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      its in birmingham, al.

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      someone just pointed out to me that its missing the engine braces.

      not a great sign.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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