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      When we moved back to Fl I raced the car in Bradenton Fl. and won the 10 sec class with a average of 10:42 with a best of 10:30.
      You have do a 30 mile drive,and then make 3 back to back passes..
      We have move back to Albq. could’nt take the hurricanes in Fl.
      The weather is great here the only problem is the Elv. is almost 6000ft
      and it hard to make good power here, but all I do is put more NOS to make up the diff. The car runs in the 10:60 range at 130mph.
      I’m looking into buying a bigger motor will let you all know when it happens, seems like the need for speed is on again or just a death wish j/k!!!!!!!!.
      Fast Tiger

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      Have you ever considered entering the Car Craft “Real Street Eliminator” contest? Too late this year but there will probably be another next year. With the performance you get out of your car I would bet you could be a serious contender.
      Have any of the drag strips given you any grief over the 86 in wheelbase?

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      I really wanted to race in the Hot Rod Pump gas race, but they didn’t invite me. I’ve been checking into some other drag strip street racing, but don’t seem to be able to find the time.
      As far as the wheel base in the NHRA rule book it states that if the car comes with a v-8 and the firewall has not beeen altered or the floor boards the car is legal. I ran into that problem in Bowling Green, KY in 1998. As long as i keep the car at 10’s and I bolt the hard top on they don’t seem to hassel me to much. When I went 9:87@135 in Phoneix last year they informed that I needed a full cage and Super Comp license and all the other safety stuff, so like I said that’s why I keep it in the 10’s.
      I really do enjoy driving the car to the strip and ripping off those 10 second passes.

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      I can honestly saw WE have just as much fun watching you pull off those ten second 1/4 miles in your BRG Tiger! I remember you twisting out some good times at the United in Orlando back in ’96 and the many amazed faces in the crowd. Including mine ๐Ÿ˜† . As a matter of memory, Bubba with Big Block Mopar was more than a little pissed watching that ‘Skinny Ass Sunbeam’ launch ๐Ÿ˜• . Priceless. For anybody that gets a chance to see Jerry’s Tiger on the strip, bring a movie camera. Jerry’s car looks so innocent, 8) Nice Job Jerry!


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      Thanks for the nice comments, been alot of hard work.
      I’m looking to buy another motor soon that a friend of my had in his Must.
      It put out almost 700hp to the rear wheels on a 250shot of NOS.
      My is almost 500hp to the rear on NOS.

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        Can we see some photos of this car? I would love to see what the motor looks like and what it looks like from outside… what wheels, rear end, ‘box etc you running?

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        The car was just featured in the march 05 issue of RETRO cars. This is a British mag and it has some really nice pics and a nice article about the car.
        If I had a scanner I would try and get it on the forum.
        Really the only motor change is the motor has a motor plate,has the stock valve covers and cat style headers with 3” exhaust. Stock Lat-70 wheels.
        The car is dark green with a Lat-70 hood, custom roll bar.
        The car really looks like a sleeper until it rips off a 10 second pass.
        Also I did change out the rar end to a 83/4 Chrysler rear end with a 3:55 posi. Still has the leaf springs and the same shocks I put on it in 1973, I did change out the traction bars for a CAL-Trac set-up.

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