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      Went to the Fun Ford Weekend in Phoenix. The car ran a 9:93 @ 136 with a 175 shot of NOS and 11:09 on motor.
      We were runner up in the True Street Class and won the 10sec. class with runs of 10:09, 10:09, 10:30.
      On sunday we were in the True Street Bracket race and won that class, went 4 rounds with a dial in of 11:10 and won the first round going a 11:10 and after that it was easy going, no one wanted to race the old man in the TIGER.
      Best of all the car is back in the garage and still running.
      Now its time do some changes in the winter months, bigger headers, maybe a new front end 😆

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      How about a short article for the newsletter about your experiences and what you are going to do over the winter?

      Fred Baum

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      I’ll try and sit down and write something down that will make sense to ever one.
      There will be a article in Fast Ford & Muscle Mustang in a couple of months.
      PS maybe my wife will write it for me 😉

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      Any photos to go along with the article would be great.


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      A friend of my got a video of the passes I made, maybe I can get a copy and send it to you.

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      Would rather have a couple still photos from the video. Can’t place a video in the newsletter!


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      Well now the Tiger has a little chevy in it now. Just got the car going again with a power glide, hoping to get to Phoenix in Jan for T&T.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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      Photos? Here you are!

      New front end for a Tiger? There are some interesting photos of one approach on this page:

      The British V8 Newsletter website is a great place to share photos of modified Tigers! Send them in!

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      The TE/AE website is a great place to share photos too!! Anyone not know how may send me a PM and I will be glad to help. Eric

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      And don’t forget that dear old standby, the Rootes Review!!

      In color, no less!!!


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      I know I’ve been a member for a number of years and I’m sorry for not sharing alot of my pictures, but everytime I’ve tried I get it screwed up.
      Here’s a little up date on the car after I put the PG trans in it, took it to the dyno and it lost a little power on motor about 15 RWH but on the NOS we ended up with 654 RWH and we did’nt push the motor to the limit so I know we can get to the 700 RWH, on the dyno @ 7200 rpm’s it showed a 154MPH don’t know if I would go that fast 😈

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