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      I just bought a 63 alpine that has rust free doors! But they are just shells,everything , glass ,handles, brackets just everything is missing. So I need to get a pair of doors . I know some one will have some complete rusty doors for sale . What year car will work?
      Thanks in advance

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      Welcome to the forum-is your Alpine a S2 or S3? Each used a different door and parts…..If a S3, most of the later parts will fit but the window regulators are different. Where are you located? That would make shipping easier on someone with the parts. Eric

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      t’s a 63 so does that make it a S2?
      I knew nothing about these cars until last Wednesday.
      But I’m learning and am excited about getting this on the road this summer,with or without door glass!

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      A photo would help ID what you have. Does the chassis number start with B90, B91, or B92? That would be a S1, S2 or S3 respectively. Eric

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