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      John Przybyl

        Body Panel Alignment Problems
        Tiger hood, doors and trunk do not match the body correctly. The gaps are all acceptable. However the hood does not sit down on the bumpers at the cowl. Can this be adjusted? The trunk is slightly raised along the right edge protruding above the body. Fix? The most troubling problem is the doors. LH front edge is good, flush and a consistent gap. The back of the door is flush with the body at the top but protrudes about 3/16” at the bottom. The RH door is good at the front also. The back of the door at the top protrudes about 3/16” while the bottom of the door is flush with body. My concern is that the car has a twist in it. I have not heard of this happening and am hoping adjustments can be made to correct the current unacceptable condition.

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        I suppose a good starting place is to determine if the car was ever in a crash. Inspect the x frame underneath, looking for damage points. After that inspect the inside of the fenders, looking for patches and rough spots. Also look for abnormal tire wear, or too many / few shims, or even adjustments made at the max limits. That way you can see what part could be out of spec. Door hinges wear, that’s to be expected, and fixed with some persistence. The trunk is a bit concerning. Is it the lid or the body. Take some measurements left vs right and see if you find discrepancies. Bonnets can easily be twisted if not lifted from the center. Set the lids on a flat surface and check to see if they sit the same left / right.

        That’s a start.

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